Independent designs.

Artists has active projects they build on from time to time, my independent designs are one of mine. I use Adobe Indesign to design my graphics. In the past I have had experience using other programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but Indesign is still my preferred choice.

As you’ll see below, the graphics I create are not complex, they’re simple. I believe in the philosophy “less is more and more is less,” and I try to convey this message through my work. Currently, I am working on a series called “Bloom.”

Flowers are a reoccurring theme in Bloom. A flower’s image is able to capture both the wildness of life as well as the softness of it. It promotes self growth and the human will to thrive in life and withstand any type of adversity. Just as a flower must push through tough soil to reach sunlight and combat unpredictable weather in order to bloom, humans must overcome obstacles and endure hardship in order to “bloom.”¬†An in regards to my choice of words and phrases, they are simply those I find to be inspiring and/or ideas I value.

Adobe Indesign is a fantastic program, I encourage students and professionals to take advantage of the free trial offered by Adobe Creative Suite and test out all of its programs. In a world where innovative companies are looking to hire individuals that are capable of navigating one or more of these programs, learning at least one of these programs can be highly beneficial to your resume.


“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper



Are you a graphic designer yourself? What inspires you to create your designs? Do you have a preferred Adobe Creative Suite program? Share your projects and answers with me below!


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