A Concierge Liaison

A photographic collection of Charleston’s finest hotels.

In 2017, Charleston was named the #1 Tourist Destination in the United States. Some might say this is because of Charleston’s Southern-style cuisine or because of the city’s historical heritage, but I believe it is Charleston’s beautiful hotels that make it such a popular destination in the United States.

During my time as a concierge liaison, I discovered some of Charleston’s finest hotels. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if anyone truly realizes how beautiful these hotels are and/or if they’ve ever had the chance to discover them?’ This thought is what led me to start my project, A Concierge Liaison. I was eager to bring these hidden treasures to Charleston’s attention.

A Concierge Liaison is an Instagram account consisting of photographs taken solely by me. I like to think of this photographic collection as a medium to showcase not only the hotels themselves, but also Charleston’s historical ties, the city’s variety of architectural styles and the innovativeness of its interior designers. It is only when you visit these hotels yourself will you understand what I am trying to express.

In the long run, I envisioned this account becoming a point of reference for both tourists and locals in Charleston. Anyone who is in need of a first-hand look inside a hotel before booking a room could use A Concierge Liaison as a way to compare between accommodations. At some point, I can also imagine hotel deals being offered exclusively through A Concierge Liaison.

This project means a lot to me. If you love Charleston’s beautiful hotels or just the hotel and hospitality industry in general, I hope you enjoy my collection. (All photos were taken on my iPhone 6.)

” In order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first.” – Adore Svitak

Follow @chs_concierge_liaison on Instagram for more beautiful photos..

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